Mission: To build capacity in Alaska by providing exceptional, dynamic young Alaskans and non-Alaskans with transformational professional experiences, community, and immersion in the rich ways of life of Alaska.

The Alaska Fellows Program, constituted by three fellowship sites in Anchorage, Juneau, and Sitka, is a near-year-long fellowship program that places dynamic young people from around the country with organizations across Alaska.

Sitka Winter Fellows was founded in 2014 as a way to bring motivated, talented college graduates from across the United States to Sitka for nine months to live together communally and serve the Sitka community. Initially launched with Yale graduates, the program has since diversified through word of mouth, with applicants from around Alaska, the rest of the country, and the world, and with a growing emphasis on providing an avenue for Alaskans who have left for school to return home.

Three years after the founding of the Sitka program, a sister program in Anchorage began in September 2017.

The Juneau site joined the Sitka and Anchorage sites in October 2018. The launch of the Juneau site prompted the organization's rechristening as the Alaska Fellows Program.

Fellows receive a modest living stipend, relocation stipend, housing.

Fellows across the three sites live communally and attend program-funded opening retreats as well as facilitated “convenings” — programmed events that draw together all 22 fellows across all three sites to cultivate connections, friendships, and common identity at the beginning and end of the program.

Fellows are backed by a team of the well-connected and generally wonderful members of the Anchorage, Juneau, and Sitka communities who help make introductions, integrate the class of Fellows into the community (e.g., Arctic Entries, Stardust Ball, Alaska Folk Fest), and share high-octane Alaska experiences in outdoor, civic, and community life.

Admission and matriculation is rolling.

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Read our program guide for a deeper dive.

To find out about the three program sites (Anchorage, Juneau, Sitka) and how they differ, read this site comparison.

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About Us (Drop a Line!)

Meredith Redick is the Executive Director of the Alaska Fellows Program. She is a graduate of Yale College and an alumna of the Sitka Winter Fellows Program. (meredithredick@gmail.com)

Ira Slomski-Pritz is an alumnus of the Alaska Fellows Program who coordinates the Anchorage site and helps Meredith coordinate the broader program. He is a graduate of Yale College, an alumnus of both the Sitka and Anchorage sites, former staffer to Alaska Governor Bill Walker, and a NOLS instructor. (irasp124@gmail.com)

Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins is the founder and continues to help Meredith coordinate the Alaska Fellows Program. He was born and raised in Sitka, Alaska, attended Yale College, and now represents his hometown and a dozen-plus other rural Southeast communities in the Alaska House of Representatives. (jonathan.s.kt@gmail.com)


Alaska Fellows Program is a project coordinated through Outer Coast, a private school recognized as exempt from federal income tax under Code Sec. 501(a) and described in Code Sec. 501(c)(3). Outer Coast welcomes applicants from diverse backgrounds, including international students and non-traditional students. Outer Coast offers equal access to educational opportunity regardless of race, color, nationality, ethnicity, creed, age, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, marital status, veteran’s status, intellectual or political conviction or affiliation, physical or mental disabilities for which reasonable accommodations can be made, or any other legally protected category.